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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Typical Discussion with a Christian

I received two private messages on youtube regarding the first ever video I ever uploaded to the site. Said video is based on the following blog post:

Eternal Torment and a Just God

The thesis of said blog post basically being that the christian god punishes every sin in the same way, even though (apparently) not all sins are equal. I ask in the video/blog if this is fair, and whether or not we are more just than god, since "in the criminal justice system, differing crimes are given differing sentences. But not in hell. An atheist gets the same treatment as a serial rapist or a murderer. Hell, under this system, I would get the same punishment as Hitler. Is this fair? Is this behaviour indicitave of an omnibenevolent being?'

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

(A Critique Of) Arguments for God and the Universe

There are some seemingly well constructed arguments for the existence of god utilized by apologists in their quest to rationalize their religious beliefs. The three classic apologist arguments are the:

1) Teleological Argument (Argument from Design)

-Basically, there exists order and complexity within nature, and order and complexity, ie, design, is contingent upon a mind. This mind is god.

2) Cosmological Argument

-Basically, finite entities must have a cause. You cannot have an infinite causal loop/chain, in which something created something created something ad infinitum. There must be a first cause. This first cause, by definition, is not contingent and is not an effect.

3) Ontological Argument

-Basically, and laughably, it asserts, a priori, that if you can conceive of the greatest possible entity, then said entity must exist, since existence is superior to nonexistence.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Syko Shadow's Conversation With a Typical Florida Christian

I had to put this story out, it's funny as shit to me. Whenever magx gets into debates and conversations with theists, it's over the internet more often than not compared to my interactions with theists. As I currently live in Florida, a state known for exceptionally stupid churchgoers like the winner of Worst Lawyer Ever, Jack Thompson, and Qu'ran-burner Terry Jones, as well as a healthy general population of "devout Christians" who think the definition of "devout" is "fucking psychotic," I have to talk to these people face-to-face. Most of these people, who I dub "fucking retards," can be found primarily in Central Florida... which, unfortunately, is where I live at the moment. On the bright side, living here has supplied me with the story I'm about to tell you.