Friday, February 5, 2010

Gamer On Fire!!! ( )

Gamer On Fire!!!

I am now on staff at a gaming website. We're still working on defining roles, but it appears that I will be the Lead Content Editor, or something akin to that, as well as a writer (primarily xbox 360 related content, I imagine, but as I said, roles are still being defined), and a forum moderator. We are throwing together ideas for a podcast, a video service, and some other cool stuff like integration with and support of, professional gaming teams, and some other neat stuff.

The site is also going to feature a discussion forum that allows basically any and all discussion in regards to gaming. None of that ''blog it'' or ''no vs. threads'' shit. If you want to post a topic extolling the virtues of one game over another, go for it, but at least try and be constructive about it. If you think the DS is better than the PSP, say it. We're not little children who will jump to rally behind our little plastic devices and act all indignant upon hearing a dissenting opinion. And if you act like one, you won't have mods to protect you from others' opinions, so you'll have to either grow up, or leave.

Of course, if this is too idealistic, and it turns into a shitstorm of crybaby bullshit, then we might have to implement some changes, but that's not the vision we have for the forums.

The website is

I have an offical blog there, which can be accessed @

So, come check us out, join the forums, and help us grow. Keep in mind, the place is still under construction, and things are still being sorted out, but it's basically fully functional at this point in terms of forums and such, but there is plenty of work to be done yet on the content and infrastructure implementation side of things. The admin/webmaster, Tyler, seems to have a good vision for the site, so I have much confidence in it and him. Also, he's looking for staff, so feel free to apply if you feel you would be an asset. You can do that on the website itself, or in the forums.


  1. lol. DS is bettter than PSP. 8P.

    i am also a mod and it's looking pretty good so far. everyone should come and join. 8D

  2. Yes, here's one of our kickass mods, who's also fucking delusional......oh, wait, no he's not, the DS is better than the PSP :P

  3. Congratulations on the new site. I'm not much of a forum guy myself, but you'll have to let me know how that forum experiment works out.

    I'll check it out after I write this comment. My computer is running a little slow right now so I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time.

    In other news I set the bar for the Topic of the Month. It may be at a limbo winning height, but it's set damn it.

  4. Oh, a formal challenge I see.

    Alright, punk ;)

    And thanks for checking us out. It'd be awesome if you joined, but that's your call.

  5. ariwl1 says: Interesting. Maybe I'll check it out. Gotta keep the GT support going too though. All my blogs are there. :)

  6. Hey ariwl1, I understand. I'm not leaving GT either. I'm always on several sites at once, might as well add one more lol

  7. I'm happy to freelance for the site btw.

    Studying Journalism, wanting to go into Games/Entertainment Journalism.

    Could do with the experience.

    Entirely up to you though.

  8. Zombie, go to the site and apply. I would suggest submitting or linking to some content of yours, a review or something. And I'll talk to Tyler for you.


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